Holding virtual court sessions

4 members of Court Services, wearing masks, standing in front of a cubicle in the court.

In 2020, Guelph’s Court Services started conducting virtual court proceedings using new technology and improved and modernized frontline customer service and communications.

The City installed video technology in the courtrooms and in the public waiting areas, including a document camera for exhibits and document display. With these technology improvements, Guelph can accommodate remote court appearances, reduce service counter traffic and in-person interactions by offering services remotely. Available remote services include applying for disclosure, looking up case information online, electronic submission of court applications, and online payments.

In addition, the City redesigned its public-facing webpage at guelph.ca/court to make court information easier to find, understand and use. The process involved using web analytics to learn which subjects were most popular, rewriting the information based on what users typically look for, then reorganizing the landing page with the most popular services front and centre. The webpage was mobile-friendly and accessible before these changes—now it’s more customer-focused too!

Implementing virtual courts and creating a more user-friendly webpage is allowing Guelph to improve service delivery while encouraging a more customer focused, performance driven and digitally enabled culture.

Additional 2021 highlights

Man updating a printed floor plan with woman looking on. Model of an apartment complex in foreground.

Making it easier to apply for building permits online

Applying for building permits or booking a building inspection got easier in 2021 when the City enhanced its online Guelph Permit and Application System with new features and functions. When the technology required updates, the City used the opportunity to obtain customer feedback to review and improve the process and the overall customer service experience.

Making it easier to apply for building permits online